About Jessica

Jessica Glenn began investing in real estate in the Spokane, Washington area in the fall of 2004.  Within three years, she had acquired a portfolio of 79 units, all of which she still manages herself.

Jessica has been a licensed realtor in Oregon and Washington, has an extensive background in non-profit affordable housing work, and has a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Relations.  Although nothing can fully prepare you for being a landlord, her unique background provided her with a solid foundation to build a large real estate portfolio in a short period of time and to manage it successfully during difficult economic times.

For those of you looking to do due diligence on Jessica’s credibility as an investor, please note she does not hold title to property in her own name, so you will not be able to locate her property holdings via the Spokane County Tax Assessor.  All of her units, except one, are owned under LLC’s.  She does believe in practicing what she preaches.

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