Parking Lot Karma

Spend time in the parking lot of your rental properties (or in the front yard).  You will learn more, accomplish more, and build more relationships in twenty minutes than you ever thought possible.

Take an extra few minutes at your property every month, just standing around and talking with whoever shows up.  It could be a tenant, a neighbor, a dumpster diver, or even a police officer. It does not matter. Just be there and listen.   There won’t be any immediate rewards, but down the line when you need a ladder in a pinch or you have concerns about the tenants in apartment nine, the relationships you have built will serve you well.

In addition, even if certain tenants don’t talk to you, it makes a difference for them to see you on site, being willing to engage with people. Then when they have an issue, they will be more likely to communicate with you directly.


About Learn to Be a Landlord
I currently am a real estate investor in Spokane, WA. I own and manage 79 rental units. My background is not in business, but in social services and community organizing. I also had way too much liberal arts education. Somehow that all fits together to make me a landlord!

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